I went to hell today


I went to hell today,

Let me tell you how it began;

I woke up and went about things as planned.

On my way to work, he ran a red light,

And instantly, you see, my life was gone from me.


I thought for sure I’d be in heaven; I went to church every Sunday,

But when I stood before God, He said He was displeased with me.

He pointed out my pride and how I wanted my name to be known,

He spoke about my possessions and how I had the best of everything,

Then he asked me a simple question, “How many people did you help achieve their dream?”

As I spoke of paying my tithes and other things I’d done,

He spoke about my religious traditions and how everyone just had to know what I had done.


He asked me if I loved Him and of course I said I did, 

But then he asked why I wouldn’t praise Him, why didn’t I show my love toward Him before men?

Instantly I remembered, comments I made and thoughts to myself,

How much I criticized those who spake in tongues, who fasted and praised God aloud:

Why are they doing that? It doesn’t take all that?  They’re just radical, I said.

Finally I know it was all to serve, ways to honor, obey, and prove their love to Him.


As I stood before God, there was a burning in me, a feeling of uncleanness,

He said He desired more, just a little more of my time,

He wanted me to have a pure heart and not one for me all the time.

He wanted me to live for Him and love people faithfully.

Then He said, depart from me, you worker of iniquity.


So I ended up here--in bonds, in chains, with fire consuming my soul,

Souls are screaming, no light I see, only fire consuming me.

I glanced around and saw souls I expected to be in heaven,

I saw some of them on television—actors, comedians, and singers’

The “worldly” ones I expected to see,

But some were even Christian singers, preachers, pastors, and teachers.


If only I had a chance to warn those on earth

I would tell the religious to have a relationship with God,

To serve Him with all their heart, soul, and mind.

I would tell my family not to fake, but love God like never before.

I would tell the atheists that hell is real; don’t believe God does not exist.

And I would tell all to live everyday as if it were their last.


Lord I'm so sorry I disappointed you,

I lived a mediocre life, like I wanted,

But I’m suffering now and none of my possessions I see.

The popularity with others was all an open door for the enemy to kill me.

What would it have hurt for me to give God some praise?

Why couldn’t I put God first each and every day?

What did it prosper me to gain the world and lose my soul?

I lived for me, not for God

Truly, I’ve deceived me and deserve to be in this hole. 

Almost Home


Home--I just want to be there.

I get so tired of the winds of my insecurity

Blowing in my mind and releasing itsself in the atmosphere around me.

I want to be home where my peace lies

So that I can escape from frustration and mistakes, where all my flesh dies.


I need to be home where I know who I am.

I look in the mirror sometimes—and a stranger I am.

I’m almost there Lord even though I look far away,

Almost in the comforts of the narrow gate of your will,

Striving for a rod that only lies in thee,

And almost passed the darkness though I’m tempted from day to day.


I dream, Daddy, of being totally free

Of pain and anger, I know you, you’ll help me;

You’ll help me, as always, when I need help,

I know you’ve tried to guide me, but sometimes I give into myself.

My physical home is cold as I tremble in my worries

The fixation of worldly desires haunt and sometimes consumes me.


Lord, my home is in your presence, your power, and your authority,

Though I struggle with inconsistency,

I’m almost home Lord—please don’t lock the door on me.


I Believe

I believe that You will comfort me

When times are hard and still,

Grieving deep inside

And when the pain is too hard to feel.


I believe You will provide for me

When I don’t have enough,

It seems I can’t keep up sometimes

You know these times are tough.


I expect You to encourage me

When I can’t see my way,

It’s raining much upon this day

The storms appear not to go away.


I know You hear me when I cry

Wailing deeply to You in prayer,

Even when I cannot feel You

I know that You are there.


I believe my Lord, my Father, my Friend

That You completely understand,

What I feel, how I feel

You’re always holding my hand.


When no one else trusts in You

Lord…You know I will,

Sometimes my faith gets shaky,

Yet I long to do Your will.


I believe You are my healer

When science cannot comprehend,

When wounds are deep, exposing my bones,

Your word makes me complete.


Good morning my Love, my Savior,

The one who is faithful to the end,

When no one else is there

I always know You are my friend.


This final word I say

As I feel each and every day,

After all is said and done

I will choose to believe in Your Son.


Because Emmanuel lives,

I expect Victory every time.

Because my Jesus lives,

I know victory is mine.

I B-E-L-I-E-V-E.